CME Group to Offer Bitcoin Futures Contracts, Giving Investors Safer Access to Crypto Markets

CME Group to Offer Bitcoin Futures Contracts, Giving Investors Safer Access to Crypto Markets

• CME Group, the world’s largest derivatives company, is set to launch Bitcoin futures contracts on March 13th.
• The new BTC Futures Contracts will provide a more transparent and less complex way for investors to access cryptocurrency markets with the benefit of a regulated platform.
• Lower costs associated with the contracts will make it easier for investors to take advantage of market volatility without as much risk.

CME Group Launching Bitcoin Futures

The global derivatives company CME Group is expanding its suite of existing contracts on its platform to accommodate Bitcoin Futures. The big move will fully take place on the 13th of March, pending regulatory review. This move provides investors with a simpler and more transparent path into the cryptocurrency market.

Regulatory Review

The success of this endeavor depends largely upon the decisions reached by regulatory bodies in charge. Therefore, CME has decided to await regulatory review before proceeding any further with their plans.

Volatility & Price Collapses

Volatile tides have triggered slow movement in the crypto market in past years, compounded by many leading crypto companies filing for bankruptcy or closing down completely. With this offer, CME might be curtailing some investor worries by providing safer exposure to Bitcoin despite risks associated with volatility and price collapses.

Affordability & Lower Costs

CME also seeks to meet investor needs by providing cost-effectiveness through their Bitcoin futures contracts. By lowering costs associated with investing in Bitcoin, individuals can participate in cryptocurrency markets without fear of high financial risks due to possible instability within prices in the market.


Cryptocurrency investors now have access to a very clear and simplistic path into the market through CME’s Bitcoin futures contract that allows them to safely invest funds without having too much worry about volatility or price collapses within the crypto markets

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