ConsenSys is working with Banque de France on the digital euro

ConsenSys is working with Banque de France on the digital euro

The blockchain company ConsenSys is becoming more and more active when it comes to CBDCs.

The Ethereum software company ConsenSys has just agreed on its sixth central bank project

On October 28 , the blockchain organization announced that it would experiment with a digital euro with Société Générale Forge.

Société Générale Forge is the digital capital market platform of the large financial services company Société Générale Group. SG Forge was involved in the issuance of a 100 million euro bond as a security token on the Ethereum blockchain in spring 2019 . The platform specializes in building institutional models for regulated securities token operations that have been registered on blockchain.

Along with Accenture, Euroclear, HSBC and others, SG Forge is one of the main partners chosen by the Banque de France to experiment with central bank digital currencies . In May of this year, the Banque de France, Societe Generale SFH and SG Forge issued a tokenized bond for 40 million euros as part of a pilot project, which is processed via a CBDC.

As part of its work with SG Forge, ConsenSys will provide its technology and expertise for joint experiments related to CBDC issuance and management, delivery versus payment, and cross-ledger interoperability

In the run-up to the SG Forge project, ConsenSys announced that it had been awarded the contract to lead the second implementation phase of the Ithanon-Lionrock project. This is a cross-border CBDC payment network between Thailand and Hong Kong.

ConsenSys was also involved in CBDC development under the Central Bank of Singapore’s Ubin project and the Central Bank of South Africa’s Khokha project .

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