Unlock Stellar Gains with Solana & InQubeta: Predicted to Surge

Unlock Stellar Gains with Solana & InQubeta: Predicted to Surge

•Uniswap recently faced a backlash due to an employee scam, while Solana and InQubeta continue to thrive.
•InQubeta is a crowdfunding platform that aims to democratize the AI investment landscape with its deflationary ERC20 token QUBE, staking rewards, and fractional investments.
•Uniswap has struggled with rug pull allegations against one of its engineers, Allen Lin, who was dismissed for his involvement in a memecoin on Base.

Rug Pull Allegations Lead to Employee Termination at Uniswap

Trust and integrity are essential for any crypto project’s success. Recently, Uniswap experienced a scandal involving one of its employees which caused significant damage to the platform’s reputation. On the other hand, platforms like Solana and InQubeta have been gaining traction despite these issues in the sector.

InQubeta: A New Dawn in AI Investment and Top ICO

InQubeta is revolutionizing the AI investment landscape by offering fractional ownership opportunities normally reserved for Silicon Valley elites. The deflationary ERC20 token QUBE offers investors a diversification strategy as well as staking rewards. Moreover, holders have access to an NFT marketplace where they can invest fractionally in AI start-ups with equity-based NFT rewards. With over $2 million raised during its successful presale and plans for InQubeta Swap and InQubeta DAO on the roadmap, it’s one of the best DeFi crypto projects around.

Uniswap’s Internal Turmoil

Uniswap has been struggling after allegations surfaced about one of its engineers engaging in a rug pull scam on Base with FrensTech memecoin. The engineer responsible for this incident was Allen Lin who previously worked as lead engineer at NFT marketplace Genie before joining Uniswap in July 2022.


Due to these events, Uniswap had no choice but to terminate Allen Lin from his position within their organization which resulted in significant reputational damage for them amongst their community members and investors alike.


The contrasting events between Uniswap and platforms such as Solana and InQubera demonstrate how trust plays an important role when it comes to investing into crypto projects. Despite these challenges faced by Uniswap, Solana continues to gain momentum while InQubera offers unique investment opportunities that may be too good for investors to pass up on .

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